At OKC Truck Parking, we value the safety and security of your freight trucks and cargo above everything else. Thus, we have invested in cutting-edge security measures to secure your rig and your cargo to the highest possible level.

Our parking lot is equipped with guard shack entry/exit and dispatch-controlled release through email or fax to monitor the movement of trucks around the lot. The parking area is well-lit and continuously watched by CCTV cameras, and we record the time of entrance and exit as well as images to assure the safety of your goods and vehicle.

Also, we have installed a security gate that can only be opened with a unique access code, guaranteeing that only authorized staff and customers may enter the parking lot. Our experienced security personnel diligently monitor the parking lot to prevent unlawful entrance, theft, and property damage.

At OKC Truck Parking, we take security seriously and are devoted to providing the finest degree of safety to our customers.